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9 Steps to Start Online Marketing

Many large businesses are subject to supervision and understanding.
Many times he paid advertising. But not more customers as I think.

The article “9 Steps to Start Online Marketing” will introduce you how to market yourself.
I want to learn the best things to do online marketing with your own hands.

1. Starting at Social Media
Social media is a large consumer network that can generate awareness and publicity.
Because of the ability to like (like), comment (Comments) and sharing (intranet) all work well.
Create a Facebook Fanpage at the click of a fanpage.

2. Start blogging (blog)
The article on the blog is very like.
Building knowledge (Awareness), credibility and leadership in the business (Authority)

Tip: Writing blogs is not the same as writing college essays. (Maybe the last thing you wrote)
Please use easy-to-read query techniques, queries, and other information without going anywhere.

3. Create meaning through media channels.
Online media is a tool to increase the number of new visitors.
Or blogger, it would be very unfortunate because most visitors will want to contact and talk to the business they are interested in.

Tip: Subscribe to channels like Facebook, Twitter in your business group to share content.
Comment on collaborative recommendations.

4. Offer content that visitors want.
61% of customers buy from brands that offer related content.

Tips: Pay attention to user issues primarily in content and development, reports, eBooks, guides, and blog posts that provide value to your customers.

5. Caring for statistical analysis (Analytics)
It’s more powerful than any other medium, like Google Analytics, to save you hours of work.

Tip: Install Google Analytics on your website to ensure that it is marketed through any channel.

6. Ensure that E-Mail Marketing is always communicating with the reader.
To contact E-Mail Marketing E-Mail Marketing is still available anytime, anywhere you want. How much more important is the choice.

Tip: Please take time and pay close attention to the topic in the E-Mail, since 64% of the recipients will open the e-mail after reading the topic, and then the time you spend creating the E-Mail topic will help guarantee. To reach Read more.

7. Customize your website (SEO).
Make sure the Google keyword keyword is in Google Adwords Keyword Tool (Keyword Planner).

In Google Analytics, and readers’ responses are reduced.

Tips & Warnings If you want the word you want to find keywords (search terms), please read the search terms. Of you.

8. Time Management as Blog Writers Invited Guest (Guest Blogging)
You can read more details from other blogs at Blog Blog Blogger.

Suggestions: Blogging the general visitor to the previous blog.

9. Ensure that everything is unified and consistent.
Every step of the implementation process will be followed the guidelines (set goals) of your business.

Tip: Before marketing Want to increase the number of visitors to the site? (Website traffic), increase sales by 200%, or promote new products by all intents.

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