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LINE OA Marketing and Advertising Course

About the course

Content is packed with functional techniques. Or various features of LINE OA including new functions or features Which has never been in LINE @ before, but will only be available in LINE OA or LINE Official Account, the latest tool (instead of LINE @) that digital marketers must use to be Especially in order to close sales and build relationships with customers to come and buy again, what has changed? Or what’s new? Compared to LINE OA and LINE @, this course will help you reduce your learning time for the whole year short cuts in to only a few minutes.

  • If you’re concerned that moving to LINE OA, also known as LINE Official Account, will make you do something wrong. Until damage to the business that is doing it Is happening to you
  • If you think that learning about LINE OA by yourself with someone who actually knows it. And getting LINE certified is much better than searching for information on the Internet. Scattered Not including all LINE OA matters in one website.
  • If you have very little time In order to have to go into a practical course with your own Coach Coach. Because most of the day is spent managing the business you are responsible for.

What you will learn
⦿ Understanding LINE OA as compared to using the previous LINE @.
⦿ You can use the feature to add friends and followers flexibly. In different situations
⦿ You can manually set various settings in LINE OA via your mobile phone.
⦿ Able to use features to communicate with customers, followers can be flexibly.
⦿ Effectively use tools to close deals on LINE OA.
⦿ Use the tools in LINE OA to build long-term customer relationships.
⦿ Understand how to build a regular customer base to become regular customers.

Topics for this course
4 hours 30 minutes lesson / 4h 30m

Topic 1: Preparing to open house Insight into the creation and use of LINE OA.
⦿ How to start using LINE Offical Account
⦿ How to add admin Adminstrator
⦿ How to use Account Group
⦿ Basic Settings Account Settings

Topic 2: Customer Management Please follow the LINE OA (Awareness) account.
⦾ Broadcast Message | Broadcast Message
⦾ Greeting Message
⦾ Auto reply messages Auto-Response
⦾ Promote via Timeline | Timeline Post
⦾ How to Increase Follower | Increase Followers

Topic 3: Using sales team management tools Promote sales directly to customers (Increase Sale)
⦿ Rich Message
⦿ Rich Video Message
⦿ Rich Menu, Rich Message
⦿ Coupon Promotion Coupon
⦿ How to Create a Reward Card And Reward Card & Gift Voucher
⦿ Get to know your followers with Insight insights.
⦿ Reply 1: 1 chat with customers | Chat 1: 1 story

Topic 4: adding new customers. Enter your LINE OA channel (Advertise Strategy).

⦾ Advertising on LINE OA | Advertising on LINE OA
⦾ Marketing strategy, introducing the basics for each business via LINE OA.

⦾ Special Marketing Tips LINE OA


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