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We offer applications for Mobile, Platform, iOS, Android, or Native Code, including Hybrid Apps, Mobile Native and Mobile Cross-Platform. Every step of the design process from Design to Market up, including Mobile SEO, designed to meet all your needs.

Why iStartUp?

Fast & Sure

Good planning and management. It can make the client app out satisfactory and also produce output quickly.


We value creativity To make the app create things and stand out your business to the apps market.


the most important thing We take the app or application development is quality must come first.


We care about what our customers want and service is the best way for our customers to work with us most convenient for you.

User Friendly

Making the app requires a user-friendly. Customers can easily understand the functionality of your app.

IntegratDesign function

We design your app stylish. Combined with the design. Perfect for the best.

Make a difference features

We create applications that are different from the market but are user-friendly. New and innovative features are available for every innovation solution, including React Native, Kotlin, Swift, as well as new features. iBeacon, AR Location, NFC, and many more important! We created a unique system for you.

Understand & clear solutions

We have a system that is used to administer application development. We have tools to monitor the problem and how to work in a TMS in a timely manner. The task is to provide customers with peace of mind. Developed with us, it can be monitored at every step.

Access to all markets ios & andriod

We have developed a system that will help your application. Has the highest usage The top rankings in both the top downloads and the actual usage of the user match the target of the customer, and also help to rank in the top Search engine like Google or BING and more. 100% sure that the application you will expand the use of the course.

Apps Price Start 449$

Stop wasting time with ineffective apps with your own choice of service.

Team APP portfolio

Apps Marketing

Online sales through ONLINE STORE App. You will be able to manage your business system as well. “Quick and easy” with just one finger. It also gives you access to a wider variety of customers.

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